Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sorry America, I just don't care

As the Olympics go on, and on, and on, I am continuously surprised by the fact I just don't care. This doesn't just apply to the opening ceremonies, the boring back and forth of a swimming event that takes 10 minutes to complete, or the water polo where there is a whistle for a penalty every 2.5 seconds but none of them seem to matter except for the annoying sound of the constantly blowing whistle. What's weird is that I don't even care about sports that I otherwise spend an inordinate and possibly unhealthy amount of time devoting my attention to, like basketball. I keep trying to watch and to care, but I just can't do it.
Maybe I'm old too school, and if there's not an enemy like the Russians then it's just no fun. Is anyone really going to be pissed if China gets more medals than the US? Our economies are completely interdependent and they have nukes, so there is no Red Dawn possibility. I even couldn't get up
for the women's tennis final which pitted US vs Russia. Sharapova is just too damn good looking.

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  1. Interesting.

    I don't really care about the overall results. But the USA rooting interest is enough to make me interested in watching sports I wouldn't otherwise. For example, I watched the US men's archery team on opening weekend as they shocked powerhouse S. Korea in the semifinal, with three bullseyes in the final round. Then the gold medal match against Italy came down to the last arrow, with Italy needing a 9 to tie and a 10 (bullseye) to win.

    BULLSEYE FOR THE GOLD!!! For Italy, but still, it was pretty awesome. It reminded me of when I hit that three at the buzzer at Orchard Ridge in the men's league game, and then we awkwardly jumped into each other at center court in celebration. Except if there had been a gold medal on the line.