Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chorlton gets his wish...

Word on the street is that Curt Phillips will be starting at QB for Wisconsin on Saturday. E.g.,:
This is breaking news only if you don't read the comments on Adam's WI Sports Blog. If you do, you'd have known this was coming since October 3rd (before Phillips even played that token series):
Although, the last time the Badgers had such terrible quarterback situation with Sherer and Evridge, the 3rd guy on the bench who didn't get a shot until the following year was Scott Tolzien. Maybe Phillips should get a shot.

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  1. My last hope that O'Brien would prove to be better than he showed behind a crappy O-line in the first 2 1/2 games appears to be over. Hopefully Phillips will get to hand off about 50 times against IU. It would be nice to see him play well after all he's been through, but I'd probably be satisfied if he was able to just walk off the field with his knees intact.