Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections and predictions

Good 1st year for the blog. I have to say I am very satisfied and it has pretty much provided exactly what I was hoping for, a nice way to track all the things I am right about all the time. We'll just ignore that "O'Brien is better" post. Pretty sure someone hacked the blog and posted that for me.

On to my last Badger football predictions of the year. I started this exercise to track my gambling abilities and this is probably too small a sample size to make any grand generalizations. I am a woeful 1-3-1 on the over/under this year, but a much better 4-1 against the spread for an overall record of 5-4-1. Stanford is a 6 point favorite, and the o/u is 47.

2 teams that have had a lot of success recently as both have played in 3 consecutive BCS bowls. UW has struggled to score against good defenses, and I expect that to continue. The question is can UW stop Stanford's offense, and not give up any big plays on special teams. I hope they can, but I'm taking Stanford -6. At this point I should just stop picking the o/u and cut my losses, but I'll do one more just for the purpose of this exercise. Bowl games tend to give the offense the advantage as they have prep time to put together unscouted looks and trick plays so I'm taking the over.

If anyone knows of a good sports gambling website let me know (by good I mean that they don't charge a ton for the juice and that you can cash out easily).


  1. I'll take the Badgers +6 and the over. Special prediction: the offensive line will carry Barry Alvarez off the field.

    We need to do a Big Ten Basketball preview, now that the season is getting started.

  2. I saw parts of both Indiana-Iowa and MSU-Minn yesterday. I saw little to change my opinions posted in my predictions from when the non-conference season just started. How do you think those predictions are holding up?

  3. I was fairly impressed with Minnesota. Not sure they'll lose at home.

  4. Mbakwe sure looks solid. How about the other teams? You're own predictions for final records?

  5. Fair enough, I will get my predictions out tomorrow.