Monday, April 8, 2013


Has any Badgers team ever gone 2-0 against the eventual national champion?

I believe the last time the Badgers beat the national champion was 2010, when they beat eventual champ Duke in the Big Ten / ACC challenge.

The Badgers also beat eventual champion Michigan back in 1988-89, but split the season series. Same with Michigan State in 1979. Obviously, Wisconsin went 0-4 against MSU in 2000. Pretty sure Wisconsin never beat any of Bobby Knight's title teams, and certainly never swept them. Indiana '53 and OSU '60 swept the Badgers, and they lost to Marquette in 76-77.

Other than Duke in 2010, I don't know if the Badgers have ever beaten an eventual champ in the non-conference, but surely they've never gone 2-0 against an eventual champ from another conference.

Assuming this has never happened, this is another good reason to root for Michigan tonight.

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