Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Season Over, Man. Season Over.


Since a promising 9 game winning streak the Brewers have lost  27 of 37 games, a starting pitcher to injury, a starter who was demoted to AAA, and gained their #6 prospect Scooter Gennett who was promoted to the big leagues to essentially take over for former all-star Rickie Weeks, who is batting .192 and has to be one of the worst defensive second basemen in the history of baseball.  (To his credit, one year Weeks did miraculously finish just fourth worst in fielding percentage among NL second basemen.)

Today, the Brewers' general manager Bob Melvin admitted "any more trades this year [will be made] for two or three years from now instead of now," suggesting the Brewers are ready to enter full-fledged rebuilding mode.

But wait, there's more!

Tonight, news broke that Ryan Braun--along with Alex Rodriguez and 18 other no-names--is facing a potential 100-game suspension in connection with a protracted Miami-based PED scandal.

Unfortunately for the Brewers the MLB does not have a salary cap, meaning big market teams like the Yankees can afford to buy more cheaters while draft-reliant teams like the Brewers will need years upon years to recover. In other words: What has two thumbs and probably won't be watching the Brewers for the rest of the year?  This guy!

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