Monday, September 9, 2013

Did I learn anything else?

Stave threw the ball around a little more, but other than that UW showed nothing new. They rushed 4 most of the time. They ran the ball 51 times. No secrets will be revealed until ASU. What I'm kind of hoping is that UW does the exact same thing against ASU, and is still successful. The best UW teams are ones that can just run their basic stuff and win. If they look to exotic plays this early in the season then it may be a long year.
The spread is ASU -5 1/2. About what you would expect for a home team when both teams are separated by just a few spots in the polls. ASU brings back their quarterback, RB, and a few receivers from a good offense. This looks to be a classic matchup of strength vs strength: UW defense vs ASU offense.
I have no idea where this one is going, so no picks yet. Could be a blow out for either side. Could be a down to the 4th quarter shootout. Could be a defensive struggle. My wild guess is shootout, because when you get unfamiliar teams together the offenses usually benefit.
I'm going to start my predictions for the Purdue game once this team has shown themselves.

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  1. Here's my wild guess: turnovers will determine the winner. Bold statement, I know. But if Stave throws multiple INTs or puts the ball on the ground, it could be ugly. on the other side, if Wisconsin can force a couple turnovers, they'll have a very good chance.