Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why do I do this to myself

I had other plans last night, but I still DVRed the Bucks opener so I could watch it when I got home. The only thing worse than watching a mediocre Knicks team that did not play very well  was watching the Bucks. I'm not sure why I keep torturing myself by watching this terrible team.

The Bucks problem this year will be scoring, and that was evident last night as the Bucks scored just 83 points for the game. The first half was especially disastrous, as the Bucks scored just 31 points, had 16 turnovers, and lost Brandon Knight to a hamstring pull. The new face of the franchise Larry Sanders got 3 early fouls in the first half, then he collected his 4th and 5th a few minutes into the 3rd quarter and didn't see the court again. Sanders played all of 12 minutes and Knight played just 2. The Greek Freak played just 5 minutes and scored just one point on 1-2 FT with 0 Reb, 0 assists, 0 blocks or steals, and had a turnover and 2 fouls.

The game was about as ugly as they come with the Bucks committing 23 tunrovers and the Knicks committing 22. With Ridnour also out with a back injury I was treated to 30 minutes of play from 2nd round pick Nate Wolters. The overall talent level on the floor for the Bucks was sad. Of the 240 player minutes, 135 were played by players who were drafted in the 2nd round or not at all.

It's going to be a long season.


  1. Speaking of which, this was kind of interesting:

  2. Interesting to hear a GM say that, even if it is anonymously. The best line is that even if they go 0-82, they still have only a 25% chance of getting the #1 pick. That's why tanking is such a hard sell. Unless the draft is really deep, as this years is suppose to be, then tanking isn't any sure thing. Drafts that go 5 deep with high end talent are rare, so tanking in most year's just isn't a very good risk if the fan base is already not happy.