Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bo Ryan tidbits

A couple of awesome facts about the Bo Ryan era:

1) With another 30-win season, Bo Ryan now has three 30-win seasons with the Badgers. These are, of course, the only 30-win seasons in program history. Even more amazingly, Bo and the Badgers now have as many 30-win seasons as any coach or team in Big Ten history. Michigan St. (Izzo), Ohio State (Matta), Michigan (Frieder/Fischer, Fischer, Beilein), and Indiana (Knight) all also have three 30-win seasons (correction: Knight has four). So, one of next year's goals should be to break this tie and take the 30-win crown for himself join Knight at the top.

2) The Badgers have now been a top-5 seed in the NCAA tournament five years in a row. Only three other schools can say the same: Kansas, Duke, and Syracuse.

EDIT: actually Knight had four with Indiana. Not sure how I screwed that up.

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