Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jason Kidd to the Bucks?

According to Twitter, Jason Kidd has been granted permission to talk to the Bucks about becoming their next coach AND GM. 


  1. I'm not surprised that the new ownership wants to bring in their own guys for coach and GM/President. A little surprised that they would give both jobs to the same person. Not surprised that they dipped into their limited NBA experience with NJ to steal someone they were familiar with. A little surprised they want to steal a guy with only one year of coaching and no executive/scouting experience whatsoever. I liked Kidd as a player, and the veterans in NJ liked and respected him, for one season anyway.
    I am not a believer that NBA coaches make a whole lot of difference in the teams overall success, or even in late game decision making situations. In the NBA the teams 1 or 2 stars set the tone for the team and they provide the leadership. Coaches don't really even have the power to determine who gets the ball at the end, as it's always going to be the star anyway.
    What I will find most interesting about this transaction is what the Bucks give up in terms of cash and draft picks to get Kidd, who is under contract. Giving up picks for a coach is bad policy. If they give up cash, give Kidd 25 million, and buy out Hammond and Drew who both have 2 years left I think it's a good sign. It shows they are willing to spend some dough, and hopefully will do the same when it comes to player acquisition.

  2. Looks like Hammond is not out, at least not yet. The price for Kidd was two 2nd round picks (2015, and 2019). 2nd round picks are not that big a deal. For example teams will typically trade (sell) 2nd round picks for cash. A mid 2nd round pick can be bought for 1-2 million dollars. Seems like a lot until you figure the Bucks sold for 550 Million, and the Clippers for 2 billion.

  3. Yeah, that 2015 second rounder was just the Nets pick right back to them. Kidd... always been a prima dona, both as a player and a coach, but I like how he handled the team. Sounds like he was a player's coach (no surprise) but he held the line on guys with discipline problems. We could use that sort of tact. Sounds like the ownership circumvented Hammond on the decision, which doesn't bode well for his future. To be frank, this move has a whiff of that "win now" mentality that most new Owners come blustering in with. I hope not, because it doesn't work out- see Brooklyn for a recent timebomb.

  4. Also, it's good he's taking the role of Coach, and not GM, President, Grand Master, Grand Dragon, or whaever else they were considering him for.