Saturday, August 30, 2014

no prediction

Badgers -LSU is tonight and I am not making predictions. Even in college basketball where you know a lot of the players coming back and rosters are only 13 players it can be hard to predict how a team will do (see Nebraska last year). With a roster of 100 players and 44 players in the 2 deep there is just too much turnover and change to have any idea how good a team is until you get to see them play.
Last season Anderson had a veteran team and despite his wishes to play his way, the Badgers pretty much stuck with what they had done in the past. With a young team this year (only 12 seniors in the 2 deep) Anderson appears to be going full go on his vision for the Badgers, i.e. spread offense with running QB, and a small, quick, attacking defense. I have posted about my doubts in Anderson's system multiple times so I won't beat a dead horse.
UW's defense is very young, and LSUs line is very big. This concerns me. The likelyhood of shootouts early in the season is high so it's a pretty good chance this game is high scoring. I won't write off Anderson's schemes if LSU runs over this young team. He needs a couple years to get his scheme run with his veterans instead of young kids and holdovers from the previous scheme.
I had just got used to the idea that Stave was going to be our guy for the next couple years, when it was leaked that Tanner would start. I am interested to see how this works. I'm not sold Stave is out. If Tanner tanks I'm sure a change will be made, and a time share seems almost likely. I'm mostly interested to see what plays Tanner runs. A spread running attack is interesting, but I'm not sure it works at UW any better than what we do already.
I can't help myself.
LSU 38 UW 28