Sunday, January 11, 2015

Something to worry about?

Obvious answer. Hell yes. This is a bad loss. It probably will be the difference between a 1 and a 2 seed. I know there was no Frank and Trevon got hurt and didn't return, but this is a bad team they lost to. The defense on this Badger team is not great, and is hidden by a terrific offense. This team is like the 15-1 Packers that looked great because Rodgers was so incredible, but wasn't as good as 15-1 sounds. So it's time to panic if you think this team was going to skate to a conference Championship, final 4 and National Championship game vs. Kentucky.

I have just one hope/expectation for this team, and that is to win the Big Ten Regular Season title. While this loss doesn't help, the Badgers are still in first place. They have a favorable schedule and it doesn't look like the injuries today are long term so they should get Jackson and Kaminsky back. Anything beyond a conference championship is gravy. The post season is too unpredictable. Remember the Badgers at one point lost 5 of 6 games last year including a loss to Northwestern. Not too many would have predicted a final 4 for them at that point.

Anything can happen in the post season. The NCAA final last season consisted of a 7 and and 8 seed. Don't get too worked up about Bucky's chances in the tourney, because it's a crap shoot. Let's hope they play better and I can enjoy them winning another Big Ten Championship.


  1. Agreed. My focus on the conference season is actually Whitt last night's loss was so painful.

  2. Sounds like Jackson is out many weeks. Body blow.