Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bucks at Kohl

It appears I have been neglecting this blog so I will put something up today. No metrics here. Just good old fashioned human observation.

I went to the Bucks preseason game at the Kohl Center tonight. A few observations.

1) It is amazing how small the Kohl Center court looks with NBA players of massive size and length. We had lower section seats about 20 rows up and the court looks small with those giants out there. The windows they have to fit passes into with all the length is tiny. It gives you an appreciation for the difference between the college and NBA game to watch it on a court I am so familiar with.

2) It was fun to watch the crowd boo every time Tyus Jones touched the ball (he was 1-4 with a TO and only 1 assist).

3) It was fun to watch Marcus Landry get some time as a Milwaukee pro on the old home court. (he was 2-3 for 5 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks). He only has an outside chance of making the roster, but it's always good to see Badgers get their chance in the pros.

4) It was very sweet to hear the crowd chant 38 and 1, every time Karl Anthony Towns touched the ball.

I may have to watch the UW vs. Kentucky game this weekend that has been sitting on my DVR. Only about 2 weeks until the first game. Can't wait.

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