Saturday, October 8, 2016

MI next year

While Bucky didn't win in the matchup with MI this year, I had fun in my first trip Ann Arbor for a game. After the game the MI fans were quite nice. I stayed in the downtown area, so maybe if I would have wandered over more toward campus it would have been different. I heard a lot of: that's the best defense we will face all year, and go beat OSU.

I could not help myself from starting to think about next year's matchup. Earlier this year I blogged about how crazy young this Badger team was and how they bring back so much talent next year.

That got me thinking about MI and the game next year, and who MI would be bringing back. Not much is the answer. 8 of 11 starters on defense are seniors, and 9 of 11 starters on offense. It gets worse, as 13 of the 22 in the 2 deep are seniors on both offense and defense. That is a lot of seniors to lose. By the way, that doesn't include losing underclassmen to the pros, of which MI should have at least one- Peppers, the best player on the team.

I can already hear the MI folks saying that MI doesn't rebuild, we reload. In the 2016 draft, OSU had 5 first round picks, and 12 players drafted overall. They currently sit at #2 in the country and look like a playoff contender one year later. While MI has upgraded their recruiting, they are not OSU. MI will take a hit from losing all those players.

WI is better than MI. In regards to the matchup next year I quote the immortal Bart Scott.
"Can't Wait"

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