Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Big Ten Tourney madness

I think Chorlton is on a cruise in the Caribbean—oh, to be childless—so it looks like he'll lose this year's Big Ten Tourney Challenge by default. Nonetheless, I'm about to spend my requisite 20 seconds thinking about this and make my picks

Before we start, here are the current T-Rank odds, first assuming no home-court advantage for Maryland:

Now, if we give Maryland a one-half home-court advantage:

Play-in games:

Ohio State over Rutgers
Nebraska over Penn State

Second round:
Nebraska over Michigan St.
Northwestern over Ohio State
Iowa over Indiana
Michigan over Illinois

I'll be rooting for either Nebraska or Penn St. to beat Michigan St. so they have to sweat things out a little on Selection Sunday. Although MSU will probably win this game, I don't have a good feeling that they have a run in them, so I'm taking them out early for funsies.

I'd like to root against Northwestern as well, mainly so their fans go through the ultimate Selection Sunday Experience (one way or the other) but when I search my soul I find that I just do not have it in me.

Michigan over Purdue
Wisconsin over Iowa
Maryland over Northwestern
Minnesota over Nebraska

My earlier upset is robbing us of a third Minnesota / MSU game, which would be interesting if it happens. Michigan vs. Purdue is probably the game I most want to happen, since we just saw Michigan's spread-offense attack pick Purdue apart—will Purdue be able to adjust? Or will Michigan just not hit shots this time? In any event, Michigan seems like a bad match up for Purdue, and it's a tough draw for the 1-seed in its opening round game (Michigan is actually the third best Big Ten team in terms of adjusted efficiency, and was second-best in conference play).

Badgers would love to get Iowa again, I think, and it's not a team I see them losing to twice in short succession.

Michigan over Minnesota
Wisconsin over Maryland

Michigan over Wisconsin

My pick of Wisconsin to the final is pure homer, but I would love to see another Wisconsin-Michigan game. They've played two really tight, interesting games this year, and the Wagner - Happ battles have been great.

There you have it, that's how it's going down. Chorlton, if you're able to rouse yourself from your quarters and shake off the piƱa colada haze, put your picks in the comments.


  1. First of all, I am very drunk. I have been on a boat and drinking since 9am. Second of all, I am late to this, but I am not on a cruise, I am on a secluded tropical island. I just happened to be in a bar with Wifi, or I would not have remembered that I need to give Torvik his annual whooping. Third of all Torvik already fucked this up with his Nebraska pick. Since I'm late to the game, I'll give him PSU instead of Nebraska and I assume OSU doesn't completely implode and beats Rutgers.
    On Thursday I like the same as Torvik except I take MSU.
    On Friday I got Purdue, UW, Northwestern, and Iowa.
    On Saturday I have UW and Purdue
    Sunday UW beats Purdue and Gard gets his first hardware as a UW coach.
    Now back to the Yellow Birds, Bombay Smashes, and Sands beers.

    1. Your Friday pick of Iowa makes no sense. You are disqualified, and you lose.