Saturday, January 12, 2013

Least important game of the year (so far)

On Tuesday, Wisconsin plays Indiana in Bloomington. Wisconsin will be a huge underdog, as they should be. They have almost no chance of winning this game, and—having done what they needed to do against Illinois—have no need to win it.

So it will be a nice relaxing game to watch: expecting a blowout loss, just hoping they can make it interesting. And maybe, who knows ...

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  1. Anything under a 25 point blow out would sure look lke a victory the way Indiana has played at home this year.
    Little pub for a former Badger. Landry earned this blurb on Marc Stein's NBA weekend dime on in his all D-league team from the Reno showcase games.
    Sixth Man: Reno's Marcus Landry and his ever-improving stroke from deep were impossible for this sucker-for-shooters to ignore. Couldn't resist in spite of Landry's defensive deficiencies ... and as much as I wanted to put Reno teammate Walker Russell Jr. here, regardless of the undersized former Piston's limitations at age 30, just because I'm an even bigger sucker for the dying art of pure point guard play.