Saturday, August 17, 2013

Badgers QB redux

Alright, Chorlton, time to take a stand:

Who should start at QB for the Badgers?

Last year we clashed on Stave versus O'Brien.

You failed that test. Redemption time?

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  1. Having not seen anything from this team or it's QBs I feel like I can make a completely uninformed choice that I can back out of later this season.
    That said, and knowing your squishiness for Stave I'll take Phillips. He is not that good of a passer, and he doesn't have his former mobility but he has moxy. The kind you expect from a 6th year senior. He showed the knack for leading the late 4th quarter drive last year and I think that carries him to the starting job this year. This is a team with a lot of seniors, and I think they go with a senior QB to lead them. Next year the youth movement can take over.
    Anderson seems to want mobility, and while Phillips is a shell of his former self he is still more mobile than Stave. Given the QB experience last year we may see several QBs before this year is out. From everything I read Houston is the best combination of mobility and arm strength, but he's just too green to play this year.