Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sam Dekker is going to be great

The Badgers went 4-1 on their Canadian tour, and Sam Dekker pretty much dominated every game, except for one game when he got in foul trouble. I got to watch most of the stream of the Ryerson game, which included these two Dekker assists, on back-to-back possessions:

I'm going to enjoy watching Sam play for the next couple of years.

--Bart Torvik


  1. I will enjoy watching him this season at the Kohl Center. Beyond that I may have to go to the Bradley Center to watch him play. He has clearly made the leap everyone was expecting and will be a great Badger and fun to watch. Are you ready to get on the 1000 point as a sophomore band wagon yet?

  2. Definitely would score 1000 if they played every game in Canada.

    I'm really hoping he sticks around for his Junior year. But I'm okay with him leaving if it means that he's a hot property after leading a final four run...

  3. Nice to see the GIFS, gents. Nice to see the GIFS.