Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prediction time

Time to start the annual predictions. Last year I was great on the picks vs. the spread, and terrible against the over/under. UW is a 24 point favorite and the over/under is 47 1/2. I know I said after last season I was giving up on picking the over/under after my horrendous showing, but I'm a fake gambling addict so I just can't give it up.

As you may surmise from my previous post I am high on UW and I am picking them. The 24 points are the biggest spread of any 2 major conference opponents this weekend although there aren't that many good games. This is the 4th weekend and most teams are making money with home games against patsies. I still like UW against the big spread based on what UW did to Purdue last year, and what Cincy did to them this year. The close game against Notre Dame didn't change my opinion of Purdue.

Purdue has scored 7, 20, and 24 points in their 3 games. I think the UW defense will destroy them, and I don't think they make it to double digit points. Unless Stave throws a pick 6 or UW gives up a special teams TD Purdue may not get in the end zone. If that is correct, then UW has to score about 40 points to cover the over. I think they have it in them with the running game hitting on all cylinders. Gary Anderson doesn't seem to have the run up the score mentality that Bielema did, because he seems to have more class than any human being in college coaching today. However when the classy thing to do is run the ball to run out the clock, and your 3rd string tailback is good enough to start on most college teams, it's hard not to run it up a little.

I have UW and the over. What say you Torvik?


  1. Well, I agree with both of your predictions, so we're going to have to get a little more specific.

    I will say 38 to 10.

  2. In order to foster competition I'll throw out a score since we both agree on the picks. I'll go 45-6. I guess there's not much difference there either.

  3. I also predict that I will kill you in fantasy football this weekend.

    --Bart Torvik

  4. That seems pretty likely. I'm not sure why, but I just don't care about Fantasy Football this year. I have already started a guy in one league who I knew wasn't playing, just because I forgot to change my lineup. The drafts are usually the most fun part of the season, but I couldn't even get interested in that. After the first few players in the Torvik league I just let it autodraft for me.

  5. Do I need to report this to the school counselor?