Thursday, November 28, 2013

Badgers are getting it done away from home -- UPDATED


With their win over Virginia, the Badgers wrapped up their most impressive away-from-home non-conference performance ever: 5-0, with all five wins over Kenpom top 100 teams. By comparison, Bo Ryan has never had more than 5 road/neutral non-conference wins over any three-year period combined. The only Badger team with a comparable showing was the 98-99 Badgers (see below) who won six games away from home against good competition. But that team is disqualified by virtue of their showing against SW Missouri State in the NCAA tournament.


The Badgers are 8-0, something no other team in the country can say right now. There are a bunch of undefeated teams, but none that have played eight games. The other three teams currently 7-0 have losable games coming up next:

Wichita State travels to St. Louis on Sunday.
UConn plays Florida on Monday.
Syracuse plays Indiana on Tuesday.

I will be surprised if Wisconsin makes it to 9-0, as their next game is at Virginia next Wednesday. But even assuming they lose that game, this has already been the most impressive non-conference performance by the Badgers under Bo Ryan in at least one respect: four wins away from home against Kenpom top-100 teams (St. John's, Green Bay, St. Louis, and West Virginia). By comparison, the Badgers had a total of four such wins over the last three non-conference seasons combined, and just 14 total in the Bo Ryan era (about one per year, on overage):

Non-Con Road/Neutral top 100 wins [UPDATED after win over Virginia]:

2013-14: 5 (St. John's, Green Bay, St. Louis, West Virginia, Virginia)
2012-13: 1 (Arkansas)
2011-12: 1 (BYU)
2010-11: 2 (BC, Marquette)
2009-10: 2 (Ariz., Maryland)
2008-09: 1 (Va. Tech)
2007-08: 1 (Texas)
2006-07: 3 (Auburn, Marquette, Georgia)
2005-06: 1 (Old Dominion)
2004-05: 0 
2003-04: 1 (Penn)
2002-03: 1 (Temple)

2001-02: 0

Prior to the Ryan era (using basketball-reference SRS ratings):

2000-01:  2 (Temple, Marquette)
1999-00:  1 (Missouri) 
1998-99:  6 (Virginia, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Illinois St., Temple, Texas)
1997-98:  2 (Oklahoma, Fresno St.)
1996-97:  4 (Memphis, St. Bonaventure, Temple, Marquette)
1995-96:  0
1994-95:  0
1993-94:  0
1992-93:  1 (Marquette)

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