Saturday, November 9, 2013

St John's tidbits

  • As Dave Heller points out, the Badgers gave up over 50 points in the second half. The last time the Badgers gave up 50 in a half was 2005, against Wake Forest. Upon seeing that tweet, my brain immediately fed me the following information: "91-88"—the final score of that game. This is why I cannot remember people's names or learn anything new: my brain is filled with basketball scores from ten years ago.
  • Have the Badgers ever given up 50 points in a half and won? Not in the Bo Ryan era, at least.
  • St. John's blocked just 5 shots against the Badgers.
  • Ben Brust sort of pushed a ref at one point, after he got hammered trying to dunk after the whistle. It looked like Brust was trying to cool off and the ref got in his face while he was still steamed. But: wow.
  • Two true freshmen (Hayes and Koenig) got in the game in the first half. Hayes's playing time was limited by fouls and by the great play of Dukan. Koenig looked a little clueless on defense and played just one minute. Still, I'm wondering when the last time two freshmen played in the first half of a Badgers' opener? It appears Kaminsky and Jackson got in during the first half of the 2011-12 opener—but that was an 85-31 win over Kennesaw St. Even so, both those players were solid contributors as sophomores, which bodes well for Hayes and Koenig.

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