Saturday, December 7, 2013

Marshall's transfer

News broke today that George Marshall will transfer.

This is understandable, but disappointing. Koenig had passed Marshall on the depth chart, so Marshall's minutes were likely to be sparse for the rest of the season barring an injury. But that proviso is important: Marshall provided a great insurance policy in case of an injury or serious foul trouble. He is the kind of guy who could come off the bench and explode for 20 points out of the blue.

But the handwriting was on the wall for George. With Gasser's injury leading to an unexpected redshirt last year, the pathway to playing time for Marshall got extended yet another year. I think he would have gotten serious minutes here as a senior, at least, but it seems unlikely he was ever going to start at point guard with Koenig in front of him.


  1. In my end of the season wrap up/look ahead in March, I pondered how Marshall would turn out:
    Marshall- Trevon Hughes or Rob Wilson? 2 players at UW who showed flashes of great potential as freshman, but just weren't ready for big time college basketball. Trevon shot just 31% as a freshman and had twice as many turnovers as assists. He played too fast as a freshman, but by his sophomore season he had slowed down and took over as the starting point guard. Rob Wilson shot 33% as a freshman and had 17 turnovers vs 4 assists. I still remember his fearlessness as a freshman when he drove the lane in a preseason tournament vs UConn and challenged Hasheem Thabeet at the rim. Wilson did not slow down his game, and did not play a meaningful role until his breakout game in the Big Ten Tournament. Unfortunately that was in his senior season, and his basketball career was otherwise undistinguished. Which of these paths will Marshall take? He shot just 36%FG, but he also shot 37%3pt FG and 2/3s of his shots were from 3. He had an amazing performance at Iowa going 7-10, 3-4 from 3, for 20 points in 15 minutes. If he can slow down his game the door is open for him to shine in year 2 at UW. If he can't then he may become the next Rob Wilson.
    Turns out Marshall was neither, as he had the good sense to realize he wasn't going to be a starter at UW and transferred. He still had the herky jerky in the early games he played this year, much like in years past. While he probably would have been a better player than Wilson, he will probably find greener pastures elsewhere. I wish him the best.

  2. Another quirk of the Marshall transfer likely occur in 2 seasons. If Dekker goes to the NBA after this season or next, and Bo doesn't take in a transfer as he usually doesn't, there will be no scholarship seniors on that team. Bo has never had to deal with that before.