Sunday, December 8, 2013

StatWatch™: Ben Brust and Three-Pointers -- UPDATED

Last year Ben Brust set the record for most three-pointers made in a season by a Badger (79). The world was first alerted that this might happen by a perceptive StatWatch™ piece by a certain blogger.

Brust has 25 28 threes already this season, so he is on pace to challenge that record. Which brings to mind the question: is the career record in jeopardy?

Yes. Tim Locum has the career record for the Badgers, at 227 career three-pointers made. Brust currently has made a total of 161 164, so he needs another 63. At his current pace, he'd need another 27 games to get it. That's six post-season games. So it's unlikely, but worth tracking.


I think the career numbers I was using for Brust didn't include the Marquette game, so he had 3 more threes than I gave him credit for. I've corrected the numbers above to correspond to what they should have been at the time of the original post. As it stands now, on December 12th, he has 168 threes in his career, meaning he needs 60 more to break Locum's record. That's 2.5 a game over 24 games (meaning two post-season wins). Should be a barn-burner.

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  1. Brust's 3s vs. Ryan Evans' 2s.
    Evans was terrible shooting the ball last season, especially for someone who shot so much. He was extra horrible on 3s making just 2 of 24 for .083%. Brust is by no means shooting anywhere close to as horrible as Evans, as he is making 41.7% of his 3s, but after watching him front rim a dunk against Marquette I had to check how bad he was on 2s. It's pretty bad. He is 9 of 35 for 25.7%. Probably worth StatWatching this too.