Monday, February 10, 2014

Backup Packers QB

For the second day in a row I have read a WI sports writer blog about the strength of Scott Tolzien's arm as a reason to keep him in GB.
Demovsky: Matt Flynn's price is sure to be reasonable. That is probably not in question. What is uncertain is whether they viewed him as just someone who could keep a season alive or a possible long-term backup? Scott Tolzien probably has more upside because he’s got a better arm, but Flynn is comfortable in the Packers' offense and has proven time and again he can function well in it. It will be interesting to see what kind of strides Tolzien makes in coach Mike McCarthy’s quarterback school this offseason.
Jason Wilde: Thus, it would make sense for the Packers to bring back Flynn, who’s now proven in two separate stints that he can handle the job if Rodgers goes down, and continue to develop Tolzien, who has the smarts as well as the strong arm to someday be that reliable backup.

This from Wilde's blog at was what coach Clements said:
“We like Scott,” offensive coordinator Tom Clements replied when asked if he could see the team developing Tolzien long-term. “He is a hard worker, he’s always here, he’s intelligent, he works at it. So he certainly has that capability.”
I don't know what else Clements said that wasn't printed, but I'd be surprised if he was glowing about Tolzien's arm strength.

I don't know that I have ever heard anyone else talk about Tolzien and his strong arm. Granted, this was in the context of being a backup quarterback, and in comparison to Matt Flynn who does not have a strong arm. Still, anyone who watches Tolzien loop balls anytime he cannot take a big step into his throw knows a strong arm is not his selling point.

I like Tolzien. He is smart, he makes good decisions, and he can get into good plays. Given a chance I think he could be a decent backup in GB or elsewhere. I loved watching him at UW, but I remember a drastic difference when Russell Wilson took over and all of a sudden the Badgers could run an out pattern where the ball wasn't in the air forever. Comparing him to Wilson isn't fair either. 

I just found it odd that with all his good qualities, arm strength is the selling point both these writers chose to mention.

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