Sunday, February 16, 2014

quick stats update

Time to update a few stats we were watching.

Nigel Hayes FT rate- Since I last checked when Nigel was at 91-FGA, and 85-FTA, he has gotten better FGA-117  FTA-121. My guess is he will finish the season #1 in the country for players with similar minutes/attempts.

Brust 3s- He has 63 3s made this season. Brust is chasing his single season UW record of 79, and needs 228 to beat Locum's career record. Brust has 199 and needs another 29 in what will be at least 8 more games and hopefully 12 or more. This will be close.

Dekker leading in points and rebounds- close. Dekker is still leading in scoring but not by much. 335 points for Dekker, 331 for Brust, 313 for Kaminsky. Dekker has now fallen behind Kaminsky for rebounds- 150 for Dekker, 151 for Kaminsky. This one will go down to the wire. Dekker is also 2 back in steals with 20, 22 for Brust and Hayes.

Hayes leading the team in steals is especially impressive in limited minutes and since he is a post defender. I meant to do a post about this a while back but haven't got around to it. I saw a podcast about the NBA draft that said there is a weird and largely unexplained correlation between college post players having high steals percentages and having NBA success. The best they could come up with was that post players with high steals rates are more aware, high basketball IQ guys and that's why they are more successful.

Jackson's assists- He has predictably fallen off since the preseason and has 98 assists for the year, 3.9 per game. He will fall well short of Tracy Webster's single season record of  179.


  1. Kaminsky with a monster day today got himself back in the conversation for a chance to lead the team in points and rebounds. He will also lead the team in blocks by a large margin.

  2. Also, Hayes took the outright lead in steals with 2 more today and almost had a 3rd if not for a bad bounce.

  3. For some perspective on how good Mike Kelly was, he finished his 4 year UW career with 275 steals, besting Tracy Webster who had 183 (although Webster didn't play as a freshman because he was a prop 48 kid). Hayes would have to average about 80 steals a year in his final 3 years to reach that level.

  4. In conference games Nigel Hayes has a FT rate of 97.5. The next highest big Ten player in conference games is Hammonds at 67.24. Only 3 players in Big Ten play are over 60, Aaron white is the other. Only 2 major conference players have a higher free throw rate in conference play per:

  5. As long as I'm posting like crazy today, I just love Josh Gasser. Always have. He guards the opposing teams best perimeter player, and yet is still incredibly effective on the offensive end because he only takes good shots. He moves the ball, he scores efficiently, he shoots the 3 but isn't afraid to drive, and he makes his free throws. He will probably not make the big ten all defensive team, but he deserves to. Despite expending so much energy on defense he scores well-see this chart from
    Not only does he score, but he seems to always score in the right times. Perhaps not as dramatic as Tre Jackson's game winners, but every time this team needs a big bucket it seems Gasser nails a 3.
    Here is an email I sent to Torvik after Gasser's freshman debut.

    I'm not saying Josh Gasser is the next Devin Harris, but that was a pretty
    impressive debut. I went to the game tonight and Gasser's performance was the
    only real surprise. Leuer and Taylor looked great. Good enough of a duo for UW
    to compete for a big ten championship. Nankvil and Jarmuz looked like the same
    mediocre role players they were last year. All three sophomores looked improved
    as you would expect. Brust and Dukan look raw. Brust may get a shot at some
    meaningful minutes if Bo ryan needs a zone buster, but otherwise both look like
    they will get garbage time minutes only. Hopefully Wilson gets healthy soon so
    he can get into the rotation some before they play any meaningful games.

    Gasser was very impressive. To use a Ted Thompsonism-"the game didn't look too
    big for him". What was really nice and may be very important sometime this year
    is Gasser looked equally as good off the ball as he did running the point.
    Should be a great year.
    Gasser's line:
    Gasser, Josh FG(5-8) 3FG(2-4) FT(9-10) Rebounds(9) Fouls(0) Points(21)
    Assists(3) TO(1) Steals(1) Minutes(26)

    No situation is too big for Josh, which is why I have hopes this team can do something in March, when one big shot means the difference between going home and playing on.