Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Biggest Dunks in Badger History

If you haven't seen the highlight from the Iowa game you have probably been living under a rock. Yes, that one is on the list. The rest are some of my favorites. Feel free to add others if you deem them worthy.

Iverson, from UW vs Iowa

The others are from my memory, but you may be able to find video if you search youtube long enough.

Alando Tucker dunks off a pass from Devin Harris in the closing seconds vs Michigan State in 2002-2003 season. OK so the dunk itself wasn't anything special. Just a breakaway dunk with no defense around, but it's what Izzo said after the game that made this dunk huge. This was the "I'll remember that" game. More than annoying Izzo, this game announced that the Badgers were the real deal and started a string of victories against MSU and Izzo. Bo owned Izzo in these days.

Alando again, but this time vs North Carolina in the elite 8 game vs the Sean May lead Tarheels. This game was tight throughout and the narrative that UW didn't have athletes was even stronger in these days than today. After a timeout, Bo Ryan goes to a rare called play, alley oop dunk to Tucker. UW doesn't win the game, but UW shows it can run with the biggest and best.

I don't remember the year of this one, the team they were playing or if they won the game (I'm pretty sure they won the game), but if you are old enough you will know what I'm talking about. Before Iverson and Tucker, UW had another great dunker back when UW was just becoming a decent program. The ball goes up and it is a UW miss. The ball comes off perhaps a bit harder than Mike Finley expected. Nevertheless he grabs it with one hand and hammers it down, landing with feet spread to a shocked and rocking student section. At the time this was by leaps and bounds the best dunk by a badger ever. It still holds up as a great one over time.

Finally an alley oop that wasn't technically a dunk, but was still spectacular. It was January of 1990 and UW was playing hated rival Minnesota. There was 1 second left in a tied 75-75 ball game and the Badgers had the ball. Kurt Portman was the inbounder and threw the ball up high to give his team a chance. The best dunker of the Steve Yoder era, Patrick Tompkins, catches the ball and puts it in. I found this quote from after that game that summed up Patrick Tompkins game: "When I got the pass I was going to dunk it, but sometimes I have a tendency to dunk too hard and I didn't want to miss".

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