Tuesday, September 27, 2016

UW Michigan

I'll start by agreeing with my co-blogger on his last post. My attempts to predict the result of football games is entirely futile. I don't think that I have any special insight into this team, or any other team for that matter. I just like to throw out my predictions for fun and to track what I was thinking at the time of the games. If you look back at my record against the spread over the time I have posted predictions, (surprise, surprise) I get about 50% wrong. I'm now 2-2 on this season.
But that means I'm getting 50% right which is the only half that matters, so here I go.
Defense still rules the day in this match up with another low over under of 45 points, but Badgers are a 10.5 point underdog. I like double digit dogs when you have a low over under, so I'm taking the Badgers and the points.


  1. My feeling is that it will be a low scoring as well, so UW seems like a pretty good pick against the spread. Badgers will need turnovers, probably, if they want to win, but I'm hoping they can keep it close until the 4th quarter and then we'll see what craziness the gods have in store for us. But I could also see a 28-3 loss. So, will be interesting. Have fun at the game!

  2. How did your prediction work out?

  3. I mean, we were both correct, right?