Sunday, July 8, 2012

1st post/Ilyasova just isn't that good

I have decided to start a blog mostly so that I can go back and show myself how smart I was when I was right about something. I suppose I'll keep the posts where I am wrong, but lets face it, there won't be any of those.
I read today that the Bucks have reportedly agreed to terms with power forward Ersan Ilyasova on a 5 year, 45 million dollar contract This was very disappointing. I like Ilyasova, but this contract stinks. I can just see myself calling him Bobby Simmons 6 months from now.
For those of you not familiar with Bobby The Bucks signed him just after he had a break out season and won NBA most improved player. He immediately went back to being the player he was for the previous 3 underwhelming seasons, and the Bucks were stuck with yet another bad contract.
Ersan finished 2nd this year in the NBAs most improved player ballot. This is a list that is littered with bad contracts and overpaid role players. It has only existed since the mid 80s, but a quick look at the winners shows what I'm talking about Outside of Kevin Johnson there are a lot of losers on this list. Certainly there are some all-stars, and there are some current players who may be on the verge of stardom- Danny Granger, Kevin Love, and the Bucks own Monta Ellis. However all in all these are overpaid role players who had one good season after a couple of bad ones.
I don't mean to knock these guys great years. A lot of these guys are low 1st round picks, or 2nd rounders that made a career because they worked their butts off and got better. That I respect (current Bucks coach Scott Skiles is also on this list). However, that doesn't mean they aren't/weren't overpaid, even by NBA standards.
This brings me back to Ersan. At 25 years old he is entering the prime of his career which is theoretically the best time to sign a guy long term. That really only applies if a guy is already performing at a high level or still has room to grow, or upside as you so often hear on NBA draft day.
It is my opinion that Ersan does not qualify on either count.
I will make another post on the Bucks organizational strategy of accumulating assets, and why I also think this doesn't fit in with that. More to come in that post about Ersan. Hopefully by then I will have some contract details to see how bad the deal really is.

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