Thursday, July 26, 2012

Montee Ball video

Looks like there's going to be a Heisman campaign:

And why not?


  1. When Monty decided to come back I thought he was crazy. If he wants a future in the NFL then wasting 300 carries for UW this year isn't going to help his long term RB future. One big year in college probably won't boost his draft stock much, and with the new rookie salary cap he wouldn't get big money from a rookie deal even if he made it to the first round. One year at UW puts him one year further from NFL free agency, which is usually the only big deal a RB will get. Plus there's the risk of injury and no NFL at all.
    The more I think about it, I'm not so critical. He gets a chance to move one year closer to his degree. He can still go to the NFL. Most importantly he gets a chance to cement himself as a great Badger. Possible Heisman, possible 3rd rose bowl. If he has a big year he will increase his earnings potential from his 30s through the rest of his life. One needs only look at all the UW events Ron Dayne does to realize there is a great potential earnings from a big money school like UW. Between local commercials, alumni events, etc. he could make a ton of money for decades after an NFL career is over.
    Let's hope that's how it turns out.

  2. Good point. He is certainly doing a great job of making himself appealing to Badger fans. He seems like a rather exceptional human being.

    Did you know: if he scores 39 touchdowns again he will hit 100 for his career?

    He needs 19 rushing TDs to break the NCAA career record held by Travis Prentice. And he needs 17 to break Ron Dayne's Big Ten record. It's fun to have a popular player chasing those kinds of records, because it means that even if the team doesn't live up to expectations, there's a reason to follow the season with interest.