Saturday, October 20, 2012

2nd Biggest game of the year

Sorry Badger fans, the 2nd biggest game doesn't involve Bucky. Next weekends Nebraska vs Michigan game will likely determine Bucky's opponent in the Big Ten Championship game.
Minnesota is out.
MSU lost today, so the best they can do is 5-3 if they win out 4-0. Michigan owns the head to head tie breaker, so they would need to go 1-3 in their last 4 for MSU to pull ahead, baring a 3 way tie at 5-3 that leaves MSU winning a tiebreaker. Don't worry too much, MSU is out.
Iowa is down 24-0 to PSU right now, and the coach just called me because he thought I may still have a year of college eligibility left, and they really need a running back.
Northwestern is the same. They aren't eliminated yet, but they aren't going to the Championship.
Should be a fun game to watch. Best part is, I know UW has about a 50-50 shot against either team.
3rd straight Rose Bowl here we come.


  1. Who do you want?

    Tough call. Revenge? Or ... Michigan, at long last?

  2. I don't care a whole lot either way.
    I know UW can beat Nebraska, having almost done it on Nebraska's home field. Michigan and Robinson are a little more scary.
    Nebraska hasn't been in the league long enough for me to hate them, but I sure hate Michigan. If either team beat UW in the championship I wouldn't be devestated, but if UW beat Michigan it would be a little sweeter than beating Nebraska.
    I have to go Michigan. Fuck Michigan.