Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I have always fancied myself a pretty good gambler. Most of my success has come from games where I actually have some control over the outcome like card games. I'm going to start posting my gambling predictions for Badger games and see how I do. If I find I am making good picks I may have to make a career change. I'll more likely find that I have saved myself a lot of money by posting instead of betting.
This weeks line as of today
has the Badgers as 6 1/2 point favorites, and the over under at 41.
In a quick look over the other games I did not see an over under lower than this game in any other contest this weekend. This makes sense as these teams both have solid defenses, young quarterbacks, and offensive lines that have had mixed success and multiple injuries.
6 1/2 seems too high for a game expected to be so low scoring. I like UW to win in a close game, but I'm taking MSU and the points vs the spread.
I am taking the over for points. I expect a low scoring game, but 41 is just so low I can't take the under.
Feel free to post your own predictions.


  1. I have no similar success with gambling.

    But I too will take MSU and the points, with UW winning a close game. I think there will be an onside kick in the final minute.

    I will also take the over.

    24 - 19 Wisconsin.

    Two touchdowns for Ball.

    At least one missed field goal for Wisconsin.

  2. Clarification: there will be either an onside kick or a hail mary, or both depending on whether the onside kick is successful.