Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No chance

Bucks opened training camp today, to little fanfare. I understand the Bucks will never be more than a 3rd place finisher in WI, a football state, and Milwaukee, a baseball town. They play in a conference where there is no chance they will make a finals. For the forseeable future they will be at best a 2nd round playoff out to a Miami team that has 3 players that are better than any player on the Bucks roster. Still, I love basketball.
Watching the Bucks is like being a fan of Princeton Basketball. You know the team is never going to win it all, your just hoping they play well and play some good, tough, entertaining basketball. They hopefully win enough games to play games that matter at the end of the year, which allows you to enjoy the drama that those games bring.
This years Buck's team should be interesting. There are really only 2 starting spots locked down in Jennings and Ellis. If you follow the money (and most NBA owners make sure their coaches do), then the other likely starters are Ilyasova, Dalembert, and Mbah A Moute. Even if those 3 don't start they will play a lot. The question will be how does the rest of this team shake out.
As this article points out http://www.jsonline.com/sports/bucks/172391251.html the Bucks have a lot of size. 7 of the 15 roster spots are filled by players 6'10" or taller. This makes sense since they plan to start 2 small guards and will need plenty of shot blocking on the back end.
Lots of young talent on this team. It will be fun to see them develop. Even if they have no chance to win it all.

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