Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bruiser's Gash

In case you want to see photographs of Mike Brusewitz's leg all sliced open, click here. It's kind of amazing.


  1. Holy Crap that's gross. What a freaky injury.
    On a Badger related note I saw they got assigned to a rematch with Virginia in the Big Ten ACC challenge which sucks. Virginia is the type of team UW was years ago that no one wants to play. Their solid defense and hustle can lead to another loss to them, but a win doesn't get UW much credit.
    Funny how after years of having trouble getting the Dukes and UNCs of the world to come to the Kohl Center, UW is now on the other end.

  2. Yeah it's kind of an annoying match up in the sense that it's totally unsexy. But Virginia should be really good next -- return almost all their minutes, plus get a guy back from injury who was major contributor year before last. They lost Jesperson to transfer, but that's because he wasn't going to play much. That team is gonna be good. Should be a top 20 matchup. So they'll probably lose, but if they can pull out a win it's one that will pay dividends.

    Nice thing about the ACC expansion is that there are more top level teams now. Should get games with Pitt & Syracuse, etc., most years. I predict that we get Pitt at the KC in 2014.