Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time to sit Weeks?

I have broken the seal. Here it is, a baseball post.

I am not a Rickie Weeks fan. His defense is not good. He is a career .249 hitter. He has had only 2 seasons in his 8 full years with the Brewers that he has played in more than 130 games. Yet he makes over $10 million per year.

The options are limited at this point. With his high salary the Brewers would likely have to pay a large chunk of his salary to any team that would take him in trade. Why give him away and pay his salary unless you have some young talent you want to try out, or a vastly superior player to play there which the Brewers don't have.

Rickie was able to turn around his season last year after spending much of it hitting under .200. He finished at .230, so I kind of understand the Brewer's patience. There is no way they can trade Weeks at his current production level (hitting .187) , and he still has time left on his deal.

There is a clause in Weeks' contract that will have to make them think about the bench at some point. This is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
If Weeks accumulates 600 plate appearances in 2014, or 1,200 plate appearances combined in 2013 and 2014, the option vests for $11.5 million in 2015. If he does not reach those levels, the Brewers can void the option. Weeks also must be healthy at the end of 2014 - in other words, no disabling injury - for the option to vest.
As of now there is no way the Crew want Weeks option to vest for 2015. At least that way they only have him for one more year at his exuberant salary. I guess if they want to make sure Weeks does not reach the 1200 vesting option they can always bench him next year to make sure he doesn't reach the number of at-bats, but it's never too early to start guaranteeing he can get there.

I am reminded of the Bill Hall contract the Brewers practically had to buy out so they could trade him after he lost it.

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