Saturday, March 30, 2013

Can a player goaltend his own shot?

I saw one of the more spectacular plays I have ever seen in the KU vs MI game the other night. Kansas's Kevin Young did what would be considered a goaltend if he wasn't a freak of nature. On a fast break he went up for a lay up and lost the ball as he was going up. In the same play as the ball was traveling down he tiped the ball which then went into the basket. Since this was all in one crazy freak of nature motion, no ref even thinked to call a goaltend, but the shot left his hand and was going down when he touched it and directed it into the goal.

Look at it again and tell me this isn't a goaltend.


  1. I didn't see the play and can't seem to find a video. From your description is sounds like it may be a goaltend technically, but not really within the spirit of the rule.

    By the way: "thinked"??

  2. Holy crap, I did not remember making this post. I got black out drunk on Saturday watching basketball and must have put this up when I got home. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there, don't drink and blog.
    I thinked all the drinking may have bamaged my drain.
    I do remember the Kansas play however. It's fair to say I grossly exaggerated about this play in my post. It was impressive, but more because Young was lucky than freakishly athletic.
    Young loses the ball as he gets fouled going up, and as his arm is following through he redirects the ball which goes in the basket. It happens so fast it's hard to say the ball was on it's way down when Young touches it a 2nd time.
    If you go to the CBS sports website and go to the past tourney games you can see it at the 18:01 mark in the 2nd half.
    I will take any criticisms on this post in stride as I deserve what I get. I did watch that tremendous run by Burke at the end of the 2nd half again, so at least something good came from this. I just hope this is the most embarrassing thing I don't remember from that night.