Monday, March 25, 2013

New Odds

Here are the new odds for the NCAA tournament, based on my Kenpom simulations:

A few Big Ten related notes:

—Just 9 of 1000 simulated brackets ended up with all 4 Big Ten teams in the Final Four. That compares to just 5 of 1000 in the pre-tournament simulations. Florida is obviously still there blocking Michigan most of the time.

—Most simulations (426) end up with just one Big Ten team in the Final Four. And there's still a 19% chance that none of the four remaining teams make it to the final weekend.

—The champ is from the Big Ten 27.3% of the time. That's actually down from 28.2% pre-tournament. The loss of Wisconsin hurts there, as does the remaining presence of big favorites Louisville and Florida.

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