Sunday, March 3, 2013

Worst senior day ever

Had to get in my senior day thoughts today.

I won't harp on the game too much as this was a familiar refrain, poor shooting leads to a loss. 8-27 FGs and 0-12 3pt FGs in the second half.

2 things stood out to me today. First, this was the first senior day loss in Bo Ryan's 12 seasons. Pretty fun streak of seniors going out on top at home. That leads me to the second thing which is the Badgers at home.

With today's loss this senior class will finish with the 3rd worst home record in Bo Ryan's tenure at 15-3. That's right, 15-3 is the 3rd worst record in 12 years. Last years team was the worst at 14-4, and the 08-09 team was 2nd worst at 13-3. Here's the whole list of home records under Bo:

2012-13- 15-3

2011-12- 14-4

2010-11- 16-0

2009-10- 16-1

2008-09- 13-3

2007-08- 16-2

2006-07- 19-0

2005-06- 14-2

2004-05- 15-1

2003-04- 15-0

2002-03- 16-1

2001-02- 12-1

To follow up on a previous post about this year's offensively challenged seniors, Evans is the only one with a chance to reach 1000 points. He has by my unofficial count 911 points and the Badgers have 2 regular season games, at least one big ten tourney game, and presumably at least one NCAA tourney game. Without a deep run in one or both of the tourneys it looks like this years class will not have a 1000 point scorer.

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  1. It would have been surprising if the Badgers got through this Big Ten season without losing a game like this (in this way) to a bad team. It's too bad they couldn't have just played normally against Purdue and then laid an egg against MSU, who they're very likely to lose to even if they play well. But, oh well. Top 4 finish still squarely in sight.