Friday, November 28, 2014

A-Rank Rutgers

I suffered through 2 Rutgers losses and my eyes are still burning. I will join the chorus of people who have declared this team the worst in the Big Ten. On paper they look like they have the size to compete with Big Ten opponents, but the talent level is just so low that this team will struggle to win 3-4 games. I won't spend a ton of time on this team, as they just don't deserve it.

Back to that size. Lewis has started every game at center and is a defensive rebounder only. Just one of his 20 rebounds came on the offensive end. He has more turnovers (8) than made baskets (5). The other center is freshman Doorson who is huge at 6'11" and 275lbs. but does not offer anything but size at this point in his career. Rutgers has 3 versatile forwards and if they have any hope it is here. The best is Jack who missed the first 2 games with a hand injury. He is fairly athletic and a good rebounder. He had a break out year in his sophomore campaign, but there is just not enough talent around him. All 3 forwards are more comfortable facing up and shooting jumpers than mixing it up inside. Etou is an interesting sophomore who is averaging 10 points and 9 rebounds per game. Freshman Foreman got more action before Jack returned, but he is another 6'7" body that plays inside and out, but mostly out.

The front count may not be very good, but the back court is a bigger problem. They are lead by Mack, a senior and the teams best scorer. He is small (5'10"), doesn't shoot very well (40% FG, 29%3FG), and he turns the ball over about 4 times/game, and he's he best. The other starter Daniels shoots even worse, turns the ball over 2.5 times/game and doesn't create for teammates at all. Freshman Williams comes off the bench and is an even worse shooter (24%FG, 20%3FG). They have 2 wing guards that are just as bad in Okoro and Kone. These horrible numbers are all against poor competition, so while it's hard to imagine them getting worse, it is possible.

I feel like I have given this team more time than the deserve. I hope to not see them play except when the Badger's are destroying them.

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