Thursday, November 27, 2014


Great win against Gtown today. This was the type of physical game the badgers needed to get them ready for games to come. I'll try to comment more this weekend, but had to share this story I heard.

My sister-in-law's uncle is friends with a woman who works for the Kohl Center, or does the official scoring at the games or something. Anyway, she has to spend a lot of time at the Kohl center during their games and practices. He asked her for a story he wouldn't have heard about this team, and this is my version of what she told him.

Badgers are practicing at the Kohl center earlier this season and the practice is coming to a close. Nigel Hayes walks over to coach Ryan and asks him to call a team meeting right after practice. Nigel doesn't really say why, but coach Ryan doesn't have a problem with it and the team gathers. Nigel begins to give the team an impassioned speech about how special they are and how they have a chance to do something special this year. He discusses how strong they are but how they need more to reach their potential. He pinpoints that there is just one thing that may hold this team back, the fact that the other teams have so many more tats then they do.

Team erupts in laughter.

There was a story I saw posted earlier this season about practice ending just as a delivery guy came in delivered Coach Ryan a dozen roses. I can't help but think Nigel was involved in that too.


  1. I would love to see the Badgers come out for a game with a bunch of temporary tatoos on their arms...just to see the reaction to it.