Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coming soon- A-Rank

While Torvik has spent hours and hours looking over spreadsheets, and twitter posts about transfers and injuries, I have been living life. By that, I mostly mean drinking myself toward and early grave. 
In any case, I would be a terrible co-blogger if I didn't put something up to rival his data based predictions. 
I'll start to roll out A-Rank over the next few weeks using the tried and true system of watching the teams play and making a judgement about how good they are. This will only pertain to the Big Ten, as I don't have enough time to watch 300+ teams play. It is a limitation of the A-Rank, however I care just about as much as everyone else in America about whether Hofstra belongs in the top 250, or just the top 300. 
I'll start with the obvious, I'm predicting UW to win the Big Ten. I'll have more to say about them after I catch the exhibition game on Wednesday. 

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