Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Badgers vs. Creighton in gifs

After fighting back from and 8-0 deficit and taking a 26-20 lead last night, the Badgers went very cold from the field, missing 11 straight threes. It started with Trice missing an open three after a great find from Iverson:

At least that play ended with an offensive rebound that was eventually converted into a layup by Happ. The Badgers led 28-20. It would be their biggest lead.

The Badgers continued to play patient, frankly beautiful offense against an overly aggressive and shaky looking Creighton defense. Here, Creighton aggressively doubles Charlie Thomas in the post, and a second later Nigel Hayes gets a wide open three thanks to a clever Showalter screen:

Again, a ludicrous doubling of Charlie Thomas leads to crisp ball movement and an open three for Alex Illikainen:

Showalter breaks down the D off the dribble and drops it back to Illikainen for another wide open three:

Now things get a little nutty, with Charlie Thomas hanging out on the perimeter. But still, an open three for a capable shooter after an ineffective double team in the post:

Koenig breaks down the D off the dribble, gets triple-teamed, wide open three for Thomas again:

The only questionable shot in this sequence is Koenig off the dribble. My guess is he was sick of watching other people miss:


Showalter gets into the lane and dishes to Illikainen for another open three:

Creighton D running around aimlessly leads to open three for Showalter:

Wide open three for Nigel Hayes after Jordan Hill draws a lot of attention down low:

Vitto Brown also missed an open three in this period but my recording of the game flaked out for that.

That's 11 open threes, all missed, most of them great shots, most of them the result of nice offense against ineffective defense.

Hit four or five and the game is probably won. Oh well. Keep shootin', boys.

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