Friday, November 11, 2016

College Basketball is Back! And so is T-Rank!

Actually, T-Rank never left.

But if you haven't been paying attention to it the offseason, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, as I've added a bunch of features:

Player Stats—Filters and Leaders since 2010.

One of my projects this summer was to backfill T-Rank, and it now goes back to the 2008-09 season. This includes advanced player stats, though only to 2009-10.

On the Player Finder page, you can look for leaders in various categories in various years, or all time. But the coolest thing (IMO) is the ability to filter out by stat, so that you can look for, say, freshmen in high-major conferences who had a steal rate of at least 4%, and offensive rebounding rate of at least 10%, and a defensive rebounding rate of at least 20%:

It's Ethan. Just Ethan.

Once this season goes live, the 2017 player stats will update in real time.

Game Stats—Filters and Leaders since 2009

Similar to the Player Finder, the Game Finder allows you to look for games matching basically any tempo-free criteria you can imagine. For instance, want to know which B10 teams have scored at least 1.5 points per possession in a Big Ten game since 2009? Here they are:

(At some point I'll probably set this up so you can link to the results of your filtering.)

Team Stats

There's also a specific new page for looking at team leaders in the Four Factors and a few other statistical categories. This, too, is backfilled to 2009. For example, wondering which team had the lowest turnover rate in 2015?

You probably weren't—it was obviously Wisconsin.

These stats can also be filtered by conference and by conference-only stats.

Generate conference championship odds T-Rank WinMatrix in real time.

On the conference pages, you can press the "show odds" button, and T-Rank will simulate that conference's season 50,000 times and show you the results. You can also go the separate Conference Odds page to do the same thing and get a linkable result.

NCAA Tourney Stats

Want to compare tourney results since 2002 by team, by coach, or by conference? T-Rank has you covered.

Generate adjusted efficiency rankings over specific periods or against specified quality of competition.

You already knew about the H-Rank (ranking of every team by their performance over the past 10 games) and Q-Rank (ranking the teams by their performance in "tournament quality tests"). But now using the T-Rank Slice page you can specify your own periods of time to look at—here's last year's results starting at Jan. 1—or by specifying your own cutoff for quality games—here's a look at last year's results against top 25 quality competition. You can even combine them!

T-Ranketology Returns

Friends of the blog know that I tediously overfit T-Ranketology to last year's results. So this year you'll get a full season of tracking your team's tourney chances in real-time. Or you can even tweak the inputs and create your own T-Ranketology

T-Rank Time Machine

This is actually pretty fun. The T-Rank Time Machine lets you go back and look at T-Rank on a specific day during the past two seasons. 

For example, here's Wisconsin on Jan. 12 of last season, when things were looking bleak. If you click through to the conference page, it will even let you run the conference odds as of that day. Notably, T-Rank gave Wisconsin less than a .1% chance of continuing their top-4 steak at that moment. Do you believe in miracles?

So there you go, lots of fun stuff to play around with duing the 2016-17 College Basketball season!