Sunday, November 27, 2016

Question of the Week

Who you got in the Big Ten-ACC challenge Torvik?

After getting whipped for a decade, the Big Ten has won 5 of the last 7 and tied the other 2. Is this the year the ACC finally breaks through and gets a win?

As in recent years the ACC seems to have an advantage in several of the top matchups, and should be heavy favorites in some others. There are more than enough games down the league to make this interesting enough to go either way, but the ACC starts out looking good.

Matchups predictions are:

Minn @ FSU- FSU
Wake Forrest @ NW- NW
Pitt @ Maryland- PITT
Georgia Tech @ PSU- PSU
Syracuse @ UW- UW
MSU @ Duke- Duke
Iowa @ ND- ND
Purdue @ Louisville- Purdue
Rutgers @ Miami- Miami
Nebraska @ Clemson- Nebraska
UNC @ Indiana- NC
Ohio St @ Virginia- Virginia

I got the ACC this year at 8-6.


  1. Ok, here's mine, differences starred.

    Minn @ FSU- FSU
    Wake Forrest @ NW- NW
    Pitt @ Maryland- Maryland***
    Georgia Tech @ PSU- PSU
    Syracuse @ UW- UW
    NC ST @ IL- NC ST
    MSU @ Duke- Duke
    Iowa @ ND- ND
    VT @ MI- MI
    Purdue @ Louisville- Louisville ***
    Rutgers @ Miami- Miami
    Nebraska @ Clemson- Clemson****
    UNC @ Indiana- NC
    Ohio St @ Virginia- Virginia

  2. Good call on Pitt over Maryland. I was thinking about that one as well, but seemed like a good one for some difference.

    I need Louisville and Clemson to win tonight to take the victory. T-Rank gives me a 60% chance. We'll see if Chorlton's gutsy picks pay off.

  3. Yet another reason to be annoyed with Michigan...sigh.

  4. Nice work Torvik. Almost won with Nebraska on the road. That will teach me to pick bad teams on the road.