Sunday, November 20, 2016


OK, I have now beat last year's 2 posts. As is my tradition, I won't spend a lot of time on crappy teams. Nebraska is a crappy team. I'm not much of a Tim Miles fan. I thought what he did 3 seasons ago with Petteway, Shields, and Pitchford was a lucky season. The fact that they returned to their past cappy ball the next year with the same guys confirmed I was right. Nebraska's Big Ten win totals except for that one magical year are 6, 5, 5, and 4. Expect more of the same.

Nebraska lost its top 2 scorers from last year and now features Tai Webster as the primary scorer. Yikes. He is the lone senior on a team that has 4 sophomore starters and 3 other freshman in the 10 man rotation. That is usually not a good formula for a team that was already bad. Nebraska will struggle to score this year and should lose in some spectacular blowouts.

The 4 sophomores are Watson Jr the PG, and 3 forwards McVeigh, Jacobson, and Morrow. McVeigh is a perimeter guy who takes more shots from 3 than 2. The other 2 are both interior guys. Watson Jr continues the trend of PG at Nebraska that can't shoot. As a group, I guess they have some potential to be OK in 2 years, but there is no one that stands out as a future star.

Gill is a Louisville transfer that couldn't get minutes there, and hasn't cracked the starting lineup at Nebraska. Taylor is another transfer guard that is coming off the bench. I don't think great things can be expected of either. This is no Petteway transfer situation here. The freshman class does have size. Tshimanga is 6'11 (and bulky), Roby is 6'8, and Horne is 6'7, but they are all too young and not ready to be contributors this year. They will play because Miles doesn't have anyone else, but they will struggle.

Prediction 4-14.

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