Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Ten Championship Game?

Michigan (8-3) plays at Michigan State (9-2) tonight. Michigan is favored by one—a rare instance of the Spartans playing as home underdogs.

I think it is extremely likely that the winner of this game gets a share of the Big Ten title. This is Michigan's last difficult road game, and their only remaining tests after tonight will be at home against MSU and Indiana. I expect them to win both games, but they definitely won't lose both. So a win by Michigan puts them on course for 14-4, with a real possibility of 15-3. It's hard to see anyone getting ahead of Michigan if they win tonight.

Michigan State still has road games at Michigan and Ohio State, and home games against Indiana and Wisconsin. I expect them to go 2-2 in those four games, so a win tonight gets them on pace for 14-4 as well. 14-4 is very likely to win a share of the title.

So, high drama. Who ya got, Chorlton? I'm taking State.

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  1. I also like State at home. I'm on the record that I think MI is the best team I've seen play, and at this point in the year I've seen most teams. Still, I think MSU is only a step behind them and MSU is getting better and better, plus they're at home. I predicted these 2 teams would share the title and I'm not backing off. My only qualm about tonight is MSUs health, which has been an issue all year. I expect another spectacular Big Ten game tonight. Probably good enough to draw me away from the State of the Union. I guess that's what DVRs are for.