Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Is this a legal guarding position?

This is right before Craft stole the ball and then went on a fast break, only to have the ball stripped back by Burke.

By the way, I honestly don't know the answer to my question—I'm just wondering.

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  1. I remember this play, and I remember thinking it was a good steal when I watched it live. That photo certainly looks like a lot of contact but that doesn't necessarily mean a foul. The other part of this is Trey Burke's right arm, which is throwing off Craft's arm bar. When a player uses their arm to push off a defending player (even one that is grabbing them) they kind of give up some of their foul "rights".
    In the end this is one of those plays that frustrates us all because there is no clear cut rule. Much like pass interference in football when the corner and the receiver are hand fighting and it's hard to tell who really pushed off who.
    Plus you have to throw in that in any given game the refs may call it tighter than in others. All you can really ask is that they try to call it the same through out that entire game.
    So the answer is a clear cut maybe.