Monday, February 18, 2013

wrong rationalization

As I was watching UW dismantle OSU it seemed like UW had learned something from the first meeting and was using it to take them apart. Perhaps they saw something that they could take advantage of, because they were killing them with cuts to the hoop. It occurred to me that maybe this could be a trend too. Maybe Bo routinely finds holes in teams and kills them the 2nd time around.

I looked back at UWs record vs opponents they played twice in the regular season to see if they had a better record the 2nd time around. Nope. The numbers when controlled for home and away games are about the same.

Bo may have found some weaknesses in OSU, but it was more likely just the impact of playing at home. It also helped to hit a bunch of 3s early which forced OSU to extend the defense and opened up the court.

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  1. Yeah in fact I heard Bo say something to the effect of, "we didn't do anything differently than we did at their place."