Saturday, February 9, 2013

That game almost made me cry

Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age. More likely I'm just falling into a chasm of mental instability, but when the clock expired today and I watched those kids rush the court the same way I did when UW beat Minnesota when I was in school, the throat tightened and the eyes watered. That was the best basketball game I have ever seen in person. That is largely based on the fact my team won, but I have some credibility on this issue. Until recently the best game I had ever been to was a Badger loss to Indiana in triple overtime in 1987 (that game is still to date the loudest game of any kind I have every attended). That game was surpassed in recent years by the Taylor team's win over #1 OSU, but still, for 20 years my favorite Badger game was a loss.

From the Berggren dunk and one, to the Hardaway 3 with Bruiser in his face, to the Brust heave, you have to go back to Oklahoma vs Boise St to find a game with that kind of crazy end of game drama. This was a great game even without the spectacular finish. Neither team led by more than 6 in the 2nd half. I've had a grin on my face since about 1pm, and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

I love you Bo Ryan.


  1. yeah, an amazing game. No shame in choking up for this one.

    I am totally a softie, and am crazily in love with Bo Ryan. If I were an actor and needed to manufacture tears for a scene all I'd have to do is imagine this: Badgers hit a three at the buzzer to win an NCAA regional final; Bo Ryan heads to the Final Four. I mean, i can barely type it out without tearing up....

  2. "for 20 years my favorite Badger game was a loss"

    That says a lot about the Badgers teams we grew up watching.

  3. We're not the only one's who get choked up.

  4. Official reports said it was rather dusty in the Kohl Center on Saturday. Perhaps that was the culprit? Well, let's be honest... "The Chasm of mental instability" seems a more likely root source.