Saturday, February 23, 2013

StatWatch™: Sam Dekker & the 300-point Club

Sam Dekker has now scored in double-figures each of the last four games, and he is moving up the charts for freshman scoring under Bo Ryan.  He passed Josh Gasser during the Michigan game, and now has 248 points on the season. This puts him behind only Wilkinson (299), Tucker (385), and Harris (394) for most points scored by a freshman under Bo Ryan. Here's the StatWatch™: Will Dekker score join Tucker and Harris as the only 300-point scoring freshmen in the Bo Ryan era?

Chances are very good. He's currently averaging a little over 9 points a game, and the Badgers have at least 6 games left. So he'll do it as long as he gets his average the rest of the way in—and indications are strong that his role in the offense is only increasing.

Dekker's scoring as a true freshman is all the more remarkable given that he is playing behind three seniors. Tucker, Wilkinson, and Harris all played their freshmen seasons on teams with basically no upperclassmen, much less upperclassmen at their position.

Obviously Dekker needs to improve his overall game, but his career is off to a great start and the future looks very, very bright.

For the record, here's the list of freshman who scored at least 100 points under Bo Ryan:

Harris, 394
Tucker, 385
Wilkinson, 299
Dekker, 248
Gasser, 202
J-Bo, 151
Marshall, 123
Krabby, 111


  1. 3 questions. I saw the other day that Trey Burke became only the 7th (maybe 8th) player in MI history to score 1000 points by his sophomore season. Any chance Dekker gets there next year? How about 2000 points in a career? Think he'll pass Tucker for career points?
    Another awesome Bo stat: 7 of the top 15 career scorers in UW history played for Bo.

  2. 1) 1000 next year is possible. That means he'd have to average about 20 ppg. Probably overly optimistic, but you never know. Dekker will clearly be the man next year.

    2) 2000 for the career is a guarantee--if he plays four years (without injury).

    3) He'd have to average about 18 or 19 ppg the rest of his career (and stay four years, of course) to challenge Alando. I think it will be close. I will go ahead and predict, right here, that he does graduate as the Badgers' all-time leading score—if he graduates.