Sunday, February 24, 2013

StatWatch™: Badgers Defense Under 1 PPP

The Badgers have held their last six opponents under one point-per-possession. The only time since 2003 the Badgers have had such a streak in conference play was in 2008 (the last time they had a historically great defense) when they had a streak of seven. But the current streak is already more impressive than the 2008 streak because five of the six opponents are kenpom t-40 teams. In 2008, the Badgers faced just three top-50 games during the seven games. Anyhow, if the Badgers can hold Nebraska under 1 PPP—and I'll be shocked if they don't, as Nebraska has managed 1 PPP just once in seven tries against the top-5 in the Big Ten—they'll tie the 2008 team for the longest such streak since 2003.

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