Saturday, February 23, 2013

Double Digit Streak

As I mentioned earlier, Sam Dekker has scored 10 or more points in four straight games, all of them conference games. This got me to wondering: when was the last time a freshman did that under Bo Ryan? More specifically, has any done it since Alando in 2003?

No. According to my research, the only freshmen to score 10 or more in four straight games under Bo Ryan are Alando Tucker, Devin Harris, and Sam Dekker.

Harris had three such streaks, of 8, 4, and 4. But only one of those streaks—7 games of the 8-game streak—occurred in conference play (including one Big Ten Tournament game).

Tucker had four streaks, of 7, 6, 6, and 4. In conference play, he had streaks of 6 and 4.

Mike Wilkinson's had just one streak—and I define a "streak" as at least 3 games in a row—of 3 games, and it did occur in conference play. He also had consecutive double-digit games three other times, one of which occurred in conference.

Other than that, no freshman under Bo Ryan has had a streak of even 3 games or more in double figures—except for Sam Dekker. That's right, Dekker already had a separate three-game streak earlier this year, and it was during conference play (against Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa).

Marcus Landry and George Marshall are the only other Bo Ryan freshmen to have scored double figures in back-to-back games. Each did it once in the non-conference portion of the schedule.

Anyhow, just some more data showing that Dekker is having a real nice freshman season. Hopefully this will turn out better than the last Wisconsin schoolboy legend who had a great freshman year for the Badgers.

Here is the complete list of double-digit streaks (3 or more) by freshmen under Bo Ryan:

Conference Games
7 - Harris
6 - Tucker
4 - Dekker
3 - Dekker

All Games
8 - Harris
7 - Tucker
6 - Tucker (twice)
4 - Harris (twice)
3 - Dekker

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